Now more than ever, staying connected with friends and family is vital.

We know that with varying COVID-19 restrictions and considerations in place to protect health and wellbeing, you might find that you’re not visiting your loved one in aged care as often as you normally might. We know that personal connections are incredibly important to residents, friends and families, and particularly so in 2020 – so here are three simple ways to keep in touch.

Arrange regular phone or video calls

With the convenience of smartphones and tablet devices, it’s now possible to have audio or video calls with your loved one on a regular basis. Our team members can help your loved one to keep their phone charged and to set up video calling over WiFi if this is something you’d like to do. Aurrum has iPads available for ease of use by all residents to stay connected via Skype or similar video conferencing. You could call daily for a chat or set up a virtual ‘coffee date’. Regular phone or video calls can even be a great opportunity to talk about and record your loved one’s life story. Not only is this a great way to remember shared memories, but it can also provide beneficial reminiscence therapy if your loved one is living with dementia. You can find our contact list of aged care facilities in Victoria and NSW right here to arrange a call. Your local Aurrum aged care facility can assist you with scheduling a time via our online booking system to connect in this way.

Aurrum has free WiFi for all residents to use on either their own smart phone, tablet or laptop in all of our care homes.


Send your loved one a message or memory through Aurrum Connect

Aurrum Connect is our unique communication tool that makes is easy to send a message to someone living at an Aurrum care home. This can be an ideal way of getting in touch, whether your loved one is busy enjoying our lifestyle and wellness programs, or if they have difficulties with smartphones or emailing. By visiting Aurrum Connect you can securely send a message, photos or a video to your friend or family member, and our Aurrum care team will make sure it gets to them and that they can respond. Our reception team members are always happy to pass on messages over the phone too.


Send a letter or care package

Who doesn’t love receiving a thoughtful package or card in the mail? A care package is a wonderful way to let your loved one know you’re thinking about them. You might send them a hand-written letter, a few of their favourite magazines or crossword puzzles, or put together a This is Your Life book. This is a type of visual diary that can include photos, letters, postcards, certificates and other meaningful memorabilia, and can also assist with reminiscence therapy. You might also like to put together special care packages to celebrate a special holiday or milestone.

Our care teams at Aurrum residential aged care in Central Coast and Victoria know that it can feel like loved ones are out of reach with all that’s happening in the world, but rest assured we are dedicated to supporting each resident through exceptional personalised care, quality dining and lifestyle experiences and a holistic approach to wellbeing. We are always here to help you stay in touch.