Earlier this month Melissa Ruffa, Aurrum Dietitian, met with residents and their family members at each of the Aurrum facilities in Victoria for education evenings focused around Aurrum’s Food Culture.

At the event series, “Food Matters in Aged Care”, Melissa discussed nutritional requirements in aged care and how Aurrum is continuously working to see how we can best meet the dietetic needs of all of our residents.

Melissa and the group talked about various topics including diabetes in aged care and how Aurrum dietitians manage diabetes with our residents while providing fresh, nutritional and delicious food options.

Aurrum Dietitians also hold monthly Food Focus groups. These discussion groups provide residents and their families with the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback on current meal options and get information about Aurrum’s menu and food philosophy. With a changing seasonal menu, it’s important to provide fresh food choices and good nutritional options residents really enjoy eating.