Aurrum’s new premium aged care facility at Terrigal Drive opened on August 4th 2017. Leading Chef Karen Martini, Aurrum Food Ambassador held a culinary masterclass for our Aurrum NSW chefs as well as conducting a food philosophy discussion. Aurrum’s vision and values are built around a family focused care culture, providing seasonal menus designed for residents’ impact and tasting nutritious food in a warm living environment.

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH KAREN MARTINI- Karen Martini, shares some insight on how we use food focus sessions with our residents to help curate the menu at each of our Aged Care Facilities.

Transcription: Well, I’m here at Aurrum in Terrigal. I’m here to train about 12 chefs today on my dishes that go on the menu here at Aurrum. It’s a great opportunity to get dirty and train the chefs personally, and give them tastes of the dishes that they’re going to make in the future for the Aurrum clients.

The opportunity to present food to the Aurrum clients and actually get their feedback is gold because they will give me full-on feedback about what they love and what they don’t love. It is the perfect environment to know where to channel the recipes that I’m doing currently, but also in the future recipes coming. I’m getting to know what they like and enjoy. And it’s usually things that are comforting, and fresh with some vibrant flavours through them. And seasonal. Things taste better when they’re in season, and these guys know it.

My father, growing up… A favourite dish of my father’s of mine in particular…He’s critiqued my Bolognese pretty hard because that was the thing he made when I was a child. Dad was always in charge of the Bolognese. But I actually convinced my father that a lot of things taste better than just the way his mother used to cook it. So that’s been a challenge for me. But he appreciates lots of different, a touch of spice here and there. But having salads and fresh vegetables with the traditional roast, for instance, is one of his favourite things now. Pierre Martini, yes, very fussy eater!

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Listen to Karen Martini and David Di Pilla, Aurrum Chairman discussing Aurrum’s food philosophy and extraordinary care environment at Terrigal Drive.