Fresh food, a top-class dining experience and highly nutritious menus have led to improved nutritional outcomes for residents at Aurrum Brunswick in Victoria.

Aurrum’s Clinical Food and Service Dietitian Melissa Ruffa, works closely with our chefs and residents to design meal plans that are both tasty and healthy.

Melissa said the collaborative menu planning process ensures that all tastes and food preferences are being catered for, and that quality is maintained.

“The basis of our clinical care begins with maintaining the good nutritional status of our residents through our dining menu.

“All our meals are prepared using the finest fresh and seasonal ingredients. Not only is every meal nutritious, but they also look great, taste delicious, and most importantly, cater to a variety of preferences and dietary requirements.”

Melissa said since the implementation of our well-executed dining menu, steady weight gains have been documented in residents.

“As part of our clinical care, the weights of our residents are taken on a monthly basis to monitor their nutritional status.

“If a resident has been unwell prior to admission, or has been managing with difficulty at home, this can have a negative impact on their weight and nutritional intake.

“Over the past six months, 82% of our underweight residents (underweight being defined as a body mass index less than 22kg/m2) have achieved significant weight gains (between 5-12% of their body weight), which is linked to improved functionality, health and quality of life.”

Weights have remained stable in the other 18% of residents, with no weight losses recorded.

To ensure that all residents receive well-balanced meals, all menus are nutritionally analysed.

Melissa said, “All our menu items are compared against the Australian Guidelines for Healthy Eating and the recommended daily intake guidelines, with a particular emphasis on protein.”

Brunswick’s Facility Manager Monica Elston said residents really enjoy mealtime and love being part of the menu planning process.

“We have received some wonderful feedback from residents about our dining menu and the quality of the food. And they love that they can influence what’s on the menu – it makes for a highly enjoyable dining experience!”