Last month Karen Martini, leading Australian Chef and Aurrum Food Ambassador held a culinary masterclass with Aurrum’s head chefs and catering staff in Victoria to train them on the new summer/spring Karen Martini menu items.

Some Healesville residents and their family members were invited to a menu tasting which consisted of 11 delicious dishes including roast-salted pork, olive oil poached salmon, corn and chicken soup, French meatballs and spiced honey loaf cake with pears to name a few items.

Aurrum Chefs and Karen Martini discussed her dishes, cooking methods and favourite foods with residents and their families, welcoming honest feedback and new food ideas to keep the residents healthy and happy.

Aurrum’s food philosophy revolves around providing nutritious home-style meals for our residents’ enjoyment and well-being. Our chefs are trained seasonally on new menu items and consistently work towards providing fresh food options with high nutritional value.Culinary class Culinary class Culinary Desert Karen Dorothy Hort Healesvill residents