Making the move into residential aged care facilities can feel like a challenging time, with people fearing they’re about to forego their independence or freedom. With the right support, this doesn’t need to be the case.


The transition from the comfort of home to the support of an aged care home can be eased in a number of ways, with the involvement of the aged care provider, the resident themselves and their friends and family.


Going on a tour of the residential aged care facilities

The best way to change an unfamiliar environment into a comfortable and familiar one is to arrange a tour of the aged care home. Here at Aurrum we encourage families to schedule a time to experience the buildings, food, activities and culture for yourselves so everyone can be sure of what to expect when moving day arrives. We can also easily arrange virtual tours of the location close to you, if a loved one has limited mobility.


Developing a personalised care plan

Each resident at Aurrum care homes has their own personalised care plan, developed between the resident, their loved ones and our expert care team. This care plan is important; it helps everyone to provide support that’s entirely tailored to that resident, whether it’s managing pain or mobility, getting involved in activities such as gardening or Pilates, or ensuring the resident receives meals that are delicious and tailored to their dietary requirements. You can read more about personalised care plans here.


Bringing elements of home

Naturally when moving day arrives, it’s a great idea to bring important mementos and objects from home to provide comfort and familiarity. This might include favourite blankets or cushions, photographs of family and friends, a selection of beloved books or perhaps special keepsakes that evoke special memories. These special objects and photos can also make a wonderful point of conversation between residents and team members.


Getting involved in lifestyle programs & activities

There’s such a wide variety of lifestyle activities on offer at Aurrum care homes, from outings to museums and art galleries through to visiting entertainers and art and music – of course aligned with COVID-19 safety guidelines. No matter the ability or mobility of the resident, there are activities for everyone to enjoy. These activities, together with dining, offer great opportunities to socialise with other residents and make new friends.


Enjoying regular interactions with loved ones

A common concern about moving into residential aged care is that friends and family might no longer visit. It’s so important that loved ones keep up regular visits and arrange fun outings if these are feasible. Social visits are one of the key ways to support a loved one as they move into aged care, and at several Aurrum care homes there are even private family dining rooms where you can enjoy a silver service fine-dining experience with your loved one.


At Aurrum Aged Care we’re passionate about making the transition into residential aged care a comfortable and enjoyable one. Explore our residential aged care homes throughout NSW and Victoria to find and tour a location close to you, and to have any questions you might have answered.