Spotless Epicure Catering, Aurrum’s Food Ambassador Karen Martini and Brunswick’s in-house Dietitian, have worked in partnership to develop innovative new menus for residents at Aurrum Brunswick in Victoria.

Aurrum Group Dietitian Melissa Ruffa said the new menu is based on a four-week cycle, guaranteeing plenty of variety for residents.

‘The menus change seasonally, and incorporate many familiar Mediterranean dishes overlaid with a number of dishes created specifically for our residents by celebrity chef, Karen Martini.

‘A variety of meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals and dairy sources are used and residents have a choice at every meal and mid-meal,’ she said.

To ensure maximum flavour and nutritional value, all food is prepared on-site by highly trained Epicure chefs using fresh, high quality ingredients sourced from boutique producers.

Melissa said presentation, well known to enhance appetite, is also extremely important and meals are presented with exceptional care.

‘Particular attention is paid to plating our texture modified meals to ensure that the food remains attractive and appealing to residents.’

The benefits of good nutrition in the elderly are well documented and include increased immunity and resistance to infection, improved wound healing, better respiratory and muscular function resulting in reduced falls, as well as increased independence.

To ensure residents receive the nutrition they need, all menus are nutritionally analysed.

Since the opening of Aurrum Brunswick in December 2014 and the implementation of the new menus, steady weight gains have been documented in residents.

Melissa said: ‘No underweight residents have lost weight in our care and body weight gains of 7% have been achieved. These results clearly indicate that our new menus are helping to improve the nutritional status of our residents, which is great news.’