AURRUM Pty Ltd (AURRUM) introduced some exciting food innovations to the Australian aged care sector with the introduction of Karen Martini as its Food Ambassador in December 2014.  

Yesterday, AURRUM hosted Karen Martini at its Aurrum Brunswick facility where she conducted the first of her Masterclasses with AURRUM’s head chef and kitchen team to train them on the preparation of a selection of menu items planned to be served across all AURRUM facilities. 

These included: a Winter Minestrone; Chicken Leek and Mushroom Pie; Rigatoni Bolognaise with Peas and Basil, Orechhiette with tuna, spinach, mascarpone and lemon; Greek lamb shoulder with yoghurt, cucumber and mint with pita; and a Free-form apple and blueberry tart.

“These are some of my favourite home-cooked dishes that I hope residents will really enjoy and give them a true feeling of warmth and familiarity” said Karen Martini.

“For example, my Tuna Orechhiette is inspired by the classic tuna-bake.  And my lamb shoulder dish is cooked so that the meat falls off the bone and wrapped in my home-made pita bread with yoghurt and cucumber provides a hands-on convivial dish that our residents can share together or with their family for special celebration events”, she continued.

“We identified early on that food was critical to our residents’ satisfaction and enjoyment, and that we had to go the extra-mile.  By ensuring that our residents are provided high quality nutritious meal options that they look forward to eating, we more naturally manage weight-loss and minimise the need for food supplements.” explained David Di Pilla, Chairman of AURRUM.

In attendance at the event were a number of industry participants who were invited to provide their feedback on the sample menu items.  Giving a nod of approval, they welcomed the change that AURRUM is bringing to the aged-care industry.