High quality aged care isn’t just about meeting or exceeding quality standards. It’s about providing that level of care consistently, together with an approach to continual improvement.   


Quality is one of the core aspects of exceptional care, in quality food and nutrition; quality clinical care; quality environments and quality lifestyle and activity programs. But just as important as quality, is consistency of quality. Friends and family can’t always be around when their loved one moves into an aged care home, and it’s imperative that the high quality of care someone experiences on one day applies on the next, and at all times of the day and night. There simply is no excuse for anything other than the highest standard of care when providing services in an assisted living facility.


Here at Aurrum, we maintain consistency in care in a number of different ways for residential aged care in NSW and Victoria.


  • Developing and updating a personalised care plan for each resident
    It’s important that this tailored care plan is developed together with the resident and their loved one, and updated over time to indicate any changes in decisions, health and lifestyle.
  • Approaching care holistically to support general wellbeing
    It’s not enough to simply tick the boxes when it comes to clinical care. Great care consistently takes the whole person, their emotions and their independence into account – with every interaction.
  • Having a 24/7 registered nursing presence onsite
    Health concerns don’t always arise in business hours, which is why having an expert registered nurse onsite 24/7 is a certainty at all Aurrum Aged Care homes.
  • Regularly refreshing and updating our seasonal menus
    Even great food can get dull quickly when it’s repeated every week, which is why our home-cooked menus are developed around fresh seasonal ingredients with our nutritionists and regularly updated.
  • Providing professional and personal development to our team members
    With continuous training, development and investment in our care team members, they’re better equipped and supported to deliver outstanding care for residents.
  • Tailoring lifestyle programs to the residents and culture of each care home
    Art, music, exercise, excursions and other activities are not the same across the board – they’re personalised to the residents at each care home, and how they love spending their time.
  • Maintaining consistency in built and landscaped environments
    We set an extremely high standard for our built environments, and each Aurrum care home reflects this in its architectural design and garden landscaping. Residents can consistently expect modern styling, comfort and privacy.
  • Providing a clear and proactive feedback channel
    Feedback is absolutely essential to consistently maintaining and improving quality of care, which is why we have highly responsive feedback channels in place.


You should be able to expect and experience consistently high quality in any local government funded aged care facilities in Victoria and NSW. To explore how we maintain and refine our high standards every day at Aurrum Aged Care, contact your closest location today and arrange a tour.