Improving the lives of our residents in memory support at Aurrum Healesville

AURRUM Pty Limited (AURRUM) is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘REMEMBER’ Dementia program that has been developed by Professor Peter Disler, the Chairman of Aurrum’s Clinical Governance Committee.

Hosted in the beautiful surrounds of Aurrum Healesville, Professor Peter Disler and General Manager, Kathleen Collings presented the positive changes that the REMEMBER program has brought to residents living at Aurrum Healesville to a large group including representatives from Alzheimer’s Australia.

“The REMEMBER program provides key strategies aimed to try to reduce our residents’ dependence on medication, and to improve their quality of life through a comprehensive and practical program tailored to their needs” said Professor Peter Disler.

“The program sets out to build a strong foundation by ensuring that our staff receive comprehensive dementia training; and provides our residents with high quality clinical support through access to visiting specialists in geriatric medicine, as well as broader in-reach and in-house services to reduce hospital admissions” he continued.

Aurrum Aged Care Healesville provides an enriching calming environment for residents who are looking for a safe and secure memory support residence. We have large and secure natural gardens, walk-ways and courtyards dedicated to our memory support unit that are unparalleled in Victoria. We are especially proud of the art and murals contributed by the local community who have been immensely supportive.” said Kathleen Collings.

“The REMEMBER program adopts the Planetree person-centred model of care (AURRUM is an exclusive Australian member), by ensuring that families remain involved with the care of their loved ones, and that residents choose how they live”. She continued, “this is demonstrated in our 7-day lifestyle program based on Montessori methods which uses art, music, tactile manipulation and other techniques to promote engagement, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive function to encourage our residents’ independence.”

Finishing the session, Kathleen introduced local harp therapist Carla Whitely who filled the room with the gentle and calming sounds enjoyed by Aurrum Healesville residents. Professor Peter Disler explained: “I am supportive of all methods of therapy to engage our residents, as we find that individuals interact and respond in their own way”.

The Aurrum Healesville family looks forward to welcoming potential residents and their loved ones to visit and experience the REMEMBER program. Please call 1800 287 786 to register your interest.

Aurrum REMEMBER Program

R Re-energising the body: Tai Chi and massage

E Exercise: walking, falls prevention, gym equipment

M My story: family tree

E Experiences I have had: memory boxes

M Making things: bread, pottery, cooking, carpentry

B Best things I like: choices in how I live my life and receive care

E Eating well and the food I like

R Recreation: board games, external events, sports, concerts, art, music