If you or your loved one are unable to live independently at home, then residential aged care can be one of the several options for support. But what does this type of care involve?

We’re all likely to need some support as we grow older, and in Australia we’re lucky enough to have a range of excellent aged care options and providers to choose from to help us maintain our independence and wellbeing. Some people might require a helping hand at home, often in the form of nursing or personal care staff. Some might have need for short-term care after a hospital stay, or to give carers a break. And for many Australians, residential aged care can provide ideal support.

What is residential aged care?

Residential aged care involves living at an aged care facility such as one of Aurrum’s modern care homes, where you’ll have 24/7 access to clinical and personal support. Rather than taking away your independence, moving into residential aged care facilities can support your independence. For example, there are many social events, therapies, outings and interactions that you might not otherwise have easy access to at home. Fellow residents and team members can provide company and friendly interactions. And there’s always someone to help with those day-to-day things that might currently be causing difficulties, like personal care or remembering medications. Every resident and their needs are different, so care is entirely personalised to each individual’s abilities and preferences.

What does life look like in residential aged care?

This will vary from provider to provider, but at Aurrum aged care homes we place great importance in creating a welcoming and beautiful space for residents. You have your own private room and ensuite bathroom, as well as shared lounges, areas and outdoor areas to relax in. Tasty and nutritious meals are prepared for you, and things like laundry and cleaning are taken care of. Living in residential aged care can take away many of the stressful aspects that can apply to life at home, such as grocery shopping, and can also ease much of the loneliness that can come from living alone. Plus, there’s peace of mind for both you and your friends and family that you will have all the quality care and support you might need.

Can I afford residential aged care?

This can be a common concern, but fortunately in Australia our government helps to fund residential aged care to make it more accessible to everyone who needs support. If you or a loved one are finding some daily activities a challenge, the first step is to arrange a free government assessment to identify which type of care will be right for your needs.
You can read our guide to arranging aged care at this link.

If residential aged care looks like the most suitable option for you or a loved one, we would welcome you to arrange a visit to one of our care homes in New South Wales or Victoria so you can experience the benefits of modern residential aged care for yourself.