Many families expect extravagant extra services fees in aged care. Here at Aurrum, we have a fairer approach to aged care.

We firmly believe that everyone has the right to an exceptional level of care as they seek support in older age. There are guaranteed no extra fees at all Aurrum care homes – that’s whether your care is fully subsidised, or not at all.

Each of our residents has access to free WiFi, Foxtel in shared lounges and our world-class dining with seasonal menus and daily meal choices. Every resident can join our wine and cheese events, and enjoy a glass of wine with their meal at no extra cost.

Each resident has full access lifestyle and wellness programs, including Pilates and other exercise, arts and crafts, pet therapy and music therapy, all bus outings, and visits from PARO the cuddly robotic seal.

And each resident has their own private, modern and spacious suite with en-suite bathroom.

We simply don’t believe that these features should require extra charges.


Is this unusual in aged care?

In contrast, some other aged care facilities with ‘extra service’ status can charge up to $100 extra per day for ‘hotel-like features’ such as WiFi, wine or outings – things we believe should simply be included.

In 2018 it was estimated there could be 20,000 aged care residents paying for additional services in aged care they were not receiving or weren’t capable of receiving. And that’s really not good enough.


Breaking down aged care costs: keeping it fair

There are four areas of aged care costs to consider when moving into an aged care home. There’s the basic daily fee, which is capped by the Australian Government. There’s a mean-tested accommodation payment, and means-tested fees to cover care. And then there are optional extra service fees.

Instead of charging extra service fees, at Aurrum we maintain a premium standard for all residents and offer room upgrades as an option. As one example, pay TV is available in all lounge areas for all residents to enjoy, but a room upgrade would provide pay TV in your own room too.

Our ‘standard’ level is anything but basic. So no matter your income or assets, you can expect premium quality accommodation, lifestyle and dining experiences.


Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fees you might expect are on a fee-for-services basis, and we ensure these are available at reasonable rates. So if you have a haircut or a manicure from one of the professionals who visit our care homes, for example, you can relax and enjoy the experience knowing that the price will be fair.

Our CEO, Craig Rutherford is a firm believer in exceeding customer expectations, and he says this is simply the way aged care should be. “Nobody should be charged exorbitant amounts for a glass of wine with their meal, or for access to reliable WiFi. These things should be made available to every resident, together with exceptional care.”

You can read more about aged care home costs and fees at the My Aged Care website, or contact us with any questions you might have. We are always happy to discuss pricing openly and transparently.