Engaging the five senses can be incredibly important at every age and as we get older – for many different reasons.

Our senses provide links to the world

Right from infancy we experience the world through our senses; the taste of our favourite foods, the sights of nature, the songs that we hear and associate with loved ones. The loss of these senses as time goes on can sometimes be a daunting possibility, but with the right support a resident can enjoy a full, multi-faceted life through comprehensive and varied aged care lifestyle programs.

Perhaps a resident’s hearing might not be what it used to be – but that person can still enjoy delicious meals, aromatherapy, Pilates and art therapy.

Or if a resident’s eyesight is diminished, they can still enjoy the feeling of grass on their bare feet, smell fresh roses, join in with music therapy and engage with visiting entertainers.

Our senses provide links to memory

Because we use our senses to navigate through the world, they can provide strong links to who we are as people.

We’ve seen extraordinary moments through our Reminiscing with Rhythm program, where each resident has their own personalised playlist that they can listen to through headphones. Some non-verbal residents will even begin to sing along as they hear a favourite song. Our sense of smell can also provide powerful links to memory and emotion, and our care teams can support these connections through aged care activities ideas such as aromatherapy and cooking classes.

Pet therapy can be an excellent option for residents to engage their touch senses, patting and holding gentle animals. And PARO our cuddly robotic seal is also proving a wonderful way to reduce anxiety levels and boost happiness for residents, particularly those living with dementia. PARO will happily sit in somebody’s lap, respond to its own name, make sounds like a seal pup and move its head in response to light and sound.

Our senses are what make life beautiful

Whether it be music, art, nature, the smell of fresh baking or a warm hug from a friend, the best things in life are often tied to our sensory experiences. We consider these senses as we develop aged care lifestyle activities and built environments at all Aurrum Aged Care locations. Beautifully landscaped gardens; modern and comfortable interior design; seasonal menus that are full of flavour; diverse and enjoyable activities; these all contribute to someone’s sensory experiences and are key aspects of our care model for excellence. If you’d like to explore an Aurrum location close to you, then we welcome you to contact our team.