It seems that all aged care should begin with a focus on the individual, but it’s only in recent years that this approach has become widely accepted and valued in the aged care sector. We all have the right to dignity, choice, comfort and independence as we grow older. Let’s take a closer look at our person centred philosophy, Living Life, and how we apply this philosophy to each day at Aurrum aged care homes.

Aged care has come a long way in a short number of years, and one of the most welcome changes has been a shift in focus towards the person receiving that care. The new Australian Aged Care Standards came into effect on 1 July 2019, and we were delighted to see that these standards now assess aged care facilities in respect to customer outcomes: that is, the experience for the resident or person being cared for. At Aurrum Aged Care we’ve had person centred care at the core of our philosophy for some years, so we are happy to see the standards reflect a more personal and tailored approach to aged care.

So what does person centred care look like in a real world environment? Our Living Life philosophy guides every aspect of the services, environments and support we provide at Aurrum aged care homes. Living Life recognises each person as having unique needs, an individual personality and the right to choose their path in life.

Living Life is reflected in our care practices in a number of ways, including:

  • The way in which we approach and deliver care in partnership with our residents. We seek always to understand a resident and their unique needs.
  • Ensuring that our lifestyle and daily activities are relevant to residents’ choices. We appreciate who our residents are, their interests and what their lives involved before they came into our care.
  • That high-quality catering options are always suited to residents’ choices.
  • That the physical environment is designed to provide the greatest opportunity for residents to retain as much independence as possible, for as long as possible.
  • That the language we use is about the person, including our residents and team members. For example we have care homes with team members, rather than facilities with staff.
  • That we respect and meet the spiritual and/or religious choices of our residents. And many more.

The result of tailored, person centred care is that residents of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities can lead a life that is fulfilling and independent. At Aurrum aged care facilities this outcome is one we focus on every day as our care teams support and interact with your loved one.

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