Aurrum’s nutritious and tasty home-cooked meals provide a comforting and enjoyable environment for our residents.

All of our nutritionally balanced meals are freshly prepared in consultation with our dieticians and cooked on-site by our experienced team of chefs, using the finest ingredients. To ensure variety, our aged care food menus with Australian-grown ingredients are changed seasonally. Menus are designed so that meals may be tailored to meet the specific dietary needs and preferences of every resident at our aged care homes.

Food lovingly prepared by chefs

Aurrum’s dedicated chefs cook a seasonal selection of delicious meals inspired by various cuisines along with traditional favourites of our residents. Our trained chefs enjoy catering to individual tastes and providing a broad selection of gourmet food options so everyone can enjoy each meal, no matter their individual preferences.

Nutritionally balanced meals

Food nourishes the body and plays a crucial role in ensuring physical and mental wellbeing. Our rotating menu seamlessly blends nutrition with taste, disproving the myth that healthy foods can’t be delicious. The food served in our aged care homes is made up of a healthy mixture of fruit, vegetables, protein and grains, with vitamins and minerals properly accounted for as approved by our dieticians.

Fresh ingredients

A recipe is only as good as the ingredients chosen in its preparation. Aurrum prioritises using locally sourced and organic ingredients to ensure that our dishes are fresh, nutritious and flavoursome.

Meals tailored to your needs

Our chefs cater to your dietary requirements and preferences. From vegetarian hot breakfasts and high protein diet substitutions to soft bite sized food options, our team takes the time to carefully customise the types of food in our aged care facilities to accommodate your needs.


Private dining rooms

Enjoy the use of our private dining rooms which are the perfect setting for a birthday celebration or even just a casual family get together.


Freshly-brewed coffee and house-baked goods are available for purchase at our on-site cafes.

Sample menu


Morning tea


Afternoon tea


All day snacks

Frequently asked questions

Do meals cost extra?

Meal costs are included in the daily fee.

Can I bring food from home or outside?

How much will meals cost for visitors?

Do you offer alcoholic beverages?

I have trouble swallowing and chewing some foods. Can Aurrum accommodate for this?

I have special nutritional needs. What meal options are there for me at Aurrum?

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