While growing older can bring with it some new challenges, the benefits of aged care mean that we can all live rich and fulfilling lives no matter how many candles there are on our birthday cake. So let’s look at exactly how aged care offers these benefits, and what these benefits can bring for you and your loved ones.


What is aged care?

In Australia there are several different types of aged care and support available to us as we get older.

Depending on your needs, you might access aged care support and services at home, or you might move into residential aged care where you can access support around the clock. You might stay for just a little while through respite care, or make a permanent shift to living in your new home in an aged care facility. Residential aged care can often be a suitable option if it’s become difficult to keep living at home, or if you’ve been experiencing accidents or visits to hospital. 

Moving to aged care can feel like a huge step, but there are so many benefits of residential aged care that can actively support your independence, lifestyle and wellbeing.


The expected, and surprising, benefits of residential aged care

Broadly speaking, the benefits of aged care facilities can include improved social connection, peace of mind, independence and expert medical and personal support. But what do these advantages actually look like in the day-to-day? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of moving into aged care.

Support for daily activities

Obligations like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping can be a thing of the past with a move into residential aged care. You’ll have a daily housekeeping team to do the dusting and vacuuming, gardeners to take care of the weeds, and delicious home-cooked meals and snacks prepared for you onsite by our chefs and catering teams. 

You can focus on all the enjoyable aspects of daily life, without any of those time-draining chores. And if you need help getting ready for the day, there’s always help at hand from experienced carers.

Personalised care with dignity

A common fear is that moving into aged care will take away your autonomy, or that you’ll be made to do things a certain way by patronising carers. Nothing can be further from the truth with a quality aged care provider. In contrast, you’ll have a personalised care plan that provides support only in areas that you need it and in ways that support your independence. In fact, you can maintain and even regain skills and abilities when there is a supportive focus on reablement in the aged care home.

Aged care homes like Aurrum can provide specialist care, including dementia care and palliative care as needed. No matter what level of care you require, you can always expect to be heard, respected and listened to. You can also expect to be fully supported in your cultural preferences and any religious faith you might have.

Expert medical assistance

Of course, one of the best known benefits of living in an aged care facility is the access to around the clock medical care. This can take the stress out of remembering medications and making it to medical appointments, as we can help you with both of these things. There’s a registered nurse onsite 24/7 to help with anything from a headache to more complex health issues. 

Your care plan will be updated to accommodate any changes in your medical needs, and we can help to arrange visits from GPs as well as allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, dieticians, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. In this way, you might well find your health and wellbeing are much better supported in an aged care environment.

Social and emotional connection

One of the most surprising benefits of moving into an aged care facility can be just how social and enjoyable these environments can be. With a wide variety of lifestyle activities, outings and events, there’s always a way to get involved and someone to chat with. For example, you could:

  • Create through art or crafts
  • Get active through yoga or light strength training
  • Join in with music therapy and choir
  • Take some time out with a massage or aromatherapy
  • Explore a new exhibition at local art galleries or museums
  • Enjoy visits from children and stay young at heart through our intergenerational program
  • And stay at home and have the entertainment come to you in the form of visiting guests and entertainers.

There are plenty of shared spaces like lounges, patio areas and onsite cafes where you can catch up with new friends, and entertain visiting friends and family. Visits and outings are both wholeheartedly encouraged!

Safety and peace of mind

Getting older at home can sometimes throw up some complex challenges around navigating stairs, cooking safety, mobility and home security. For this reason, a move into residential aged care can often be a big relief. Your new home is safe, secure and staffed 24/7 in case of any issues. There are safety rails and ramps already installed, and you’re supported in any use of mobility aids. 

For all of the above reasons, residential aged care often comes with a newfound peace of mind for the resident and their family and friends.

A contemporary, comfortable home

With a move to aged care you won’t need to worry about electricity bills or rationing the air conditioning for the hottest days of the year, because your new home is kept at an ideal temperature year round. 

With a provider like Aurrum, you can expect a modern and stylish room with all the creature comforts, like a private ensuite and smart TV. Living areas are beautifully equipped with lots of natural light, newspapers, board games and tea and coffee facilities. And there are beautiful gardens and courtyards where you can catch some sunshine and space all to yourself.


So moving into the right aged care home can bring with it a whole range of genuine advantages for you and your loved ones. But how do you find the right provider who will actually deliver on this level of care?


How to choose the right aged care facility for you

Finding a good aged care home can feel like a difficult process to navigate, but there are some helpful pathways to find the right provider in your area. First, you can search for local providers with My Aged Care and find out your eligibility for government assistance. You can book a tour at your local aged care homes and experience the teams, facilities and environment for yourself. Knowing what to expect from aged care can also be a big help ahead of the move. 

If you’re trying to find support for someone close to you, starting the conversation on aged care and helping them to arrange an aged care assessment can be great first steps.


Key takeaways

The benefits of an aged care home can be reassuring – and sometimes even surprising – but ultimately, you can expect to live life fully with all the support and services you might ever need right at your fingertips. It’s for this reason that modern, thoughtful aged care can be a fantastic move.

If you’d like to know more about life for residents at Aurrum Aged Care, you can contact us to arrange a visit at any of our NSW or Victoria locations.