You may be surprised to learn that some of the best food in Healesville isn’t served up at a restaurant.

Aurrum recently announced a partnership with Spotless Group and My Kitchen Rules celebrity chef Karen Martini to bring the highest quality food to their aged care residences.

Ms Martini has also been announced as Aurrum’s Food Ambassador.

Aurrum Healesville‘s General Manager Kathleen Callings said the new and innovative menu range was designed to cater to the varied tastes and needs of residents at the home.

‘We are very excited to introduce this new dining experience at Aurrum Healesville,’ she said.

‘Some of the delicious dishes that will be served to our residents include a winter minestrone; lamb shanks braised with beer, honey and oregano; filo pie with greens, ricotta, fetta and pumpkin seeds; chicken, leek and mushroom pie; and rigatoni bolognaise with peas and basil.’

Ms Martini said she hoped that residents would enjoy some of her favourite home-cooked dishes.

‘My tuna orecchiette is inspired by the classic tuna-bake,’ she said.

‘And my lamb shoulder dish is cooked so that the meat falls off the bone and is wrapped in my home-made pita bread with yoghurt and cucumber. This is a hands-on convivial dish that residents can share together or with their family for special celebration events.’

Aurrum Healesville is located at 27 Smith Street, Healesville. For more information, contact 5962 6628 or