When our loved ones begin to transition into aged care, there can be some concern about how life is about to change. Entering aged care can sometimes seem like a stressful upheaval, and a far departure from the lifestyle that an ageing person knows and is familiar with. However, a holistic model of aged care is transforming the way that Australians grow older. 

What is holistic care in aged care?

High quality, holistic aged care does not just mean that an ageing person receives the physical and medical support they need, although this is certainly a key aspect of the care model. It also means that the person receives the emotional, social, spiritual and personal support that they need to ensure their quality of life is of the highest possible standard. At Aurrum we provide person-centred care based on the Planetree Principles, which encompass a range of human needs including respect, physical comfort, information, stability, and respect for a person’s preferences and values. At Aurrum Aged Care we call our care philosophy ‘Living Life’.

We begin our holistic approach to aged care with care planning, where we take into account a new resident’s lifestyle and support needs by speaking with that person and their loved ones. We can then tailor a personalised care plan that meets the requirements and wishes of that individual person.

What can holistic care involve?

Holistic care may include any number of aspects to ensure all of a person’s needs are being met. Holistic care may include exercises such as yoga and light strength training for relaxation and motor skills. It may include music therapy and sing-a-long’s to encourage social interaction, or massage and aromatherapy to help manage anxiety or a worried mind. If a resident has always loved animals, then they can benefit from our pet therapy visits and outings to zoos or parks. If they are creative souls, then they may love visits to art galleries and museums, as well as art and craft therapy sessions. Accredited physiotherapists, speech therapists, dieticians and podiatrists are also on hand along with experienced care teams to support the resident’s physical comfort and wellbeing. Every element of our care plans are developed in order to ensure a resident is as comfortable, healthy and happy as they possibly can be, at all times.

Lastly, it’s important to note that a holistic approach to aged care is not a static process. Just as people’s needs and preferences change, so should care plans to suit. Having a proactive, person-centred and dynamic care planning approach, such as Living Life, will ensure the highest level of care is being provided at all times.

At Aurrum Aged Care we incorporate a holistic approach to every aspect of life in residential care at our aged care facilities, from home-cooked meals to our leading memory support program. To explore the possibilities at an Aurrum Aged Care location near you, simply contact our team.