If you or a loved one are moving into aged care, there will be a time to open up that well-travelled suitcase and prepare for a new place to call home. Naturally, this comes with the question: What should I bring to a nursing home or aged care home? 

Help is at hand! We’ve put together this clear guide to help you remember all you might need as you prepare for your move.


Checklist: what you should bring   

While everyone’s packing list for aged care will be unique, there are a few different categories of items to consider. Here’s a general checklist to get started.

Personal items and mementos    

It can be so worthwhile to bring meaningful items and keepsakes to help you settle into your new surroundings. For example, you might want to surround yourself with your non-fiction books, or perhaps you have a collection of travel mementos from far-flung places. Framed photos of family and friends are an excellent way to make a new room feel homey. You can also bring your hobbies with you, be they crochet, crosswords or your radio to listen to the cricket. Things like chess sets, puzzles and card games are also great for meeting new people – and you’ll never be short of someone to play with!


What are the best clothes to pack for a transition to aged care? With diverse lifestyle programs you can choose from a wide range of outings and events on any given day, so variety is key. Consider packing some relaxed layers like T-shirts for everyday wear and for exercise, comfortable sleepwear, and some dressier clothes if you might like to attend art galleries and events. One handy tip is to choose clothing that can be washed easily and regularly, so that your fresh laundry can be delivered back to you without any hassles. There’s no need to buy a whole new collection of clothes – unless you want to – because it’s best to pack whatever you’re comfortable with and feel great in. 

Personal hygiene products    

We all have our favourite brands and products when it comes to shampoos, moisturisers and the like, so it’s a great idea to pack these items for a move into aged care. Favourite perfumes or soaps can provide a familiar scent and can go a long way to making a new environment feel like home. These types of products can be great gifts from visiting friends and family, but don’t worry – your care team can also help you get anything you need from the moment you arrive.  


Lots of people will have medication they require to bring into aged care, and your care team will discuss this with you when arranging your tailored care plan. If needed, your care team can also help you to remember to take medication at the right time of day and to store medications safely. Your aged care provider can also typically provide general medical and mobility equipment, though there might be some exceptions if you need specialised aids or equipment.

Other items    

There might be other things you might want to bring along, from your iPad or e-reader to a beloved musical instrument. For any bulky items, just remember to check in with your care team so they can let you know what will fit in your room. At modern care homes like Aurrum you might be quite surprised by the amenities already in place, from flat-screen smart TVs to pool tables, and lots of activities to support reablement


What your aged care home should provide   

One of the best things about moving into aged care is that you don’t need to worry about all of the big, bulky things that typically come with moving home like a comfy bed, wardrobe, curtains and chairs. Bedding and towels are provided, but you can also speak with your care team if you prefer to bring your favourite doona, sheets or blanket. 


What isn’t allowed at aged care?    

There are a few things to leave out when packing for a move into aged care – and many of these will be obvious. Weapons of all kinds and items like candles or incense can pose a danger in a busy care home. Bulky items and household appliances also won’t be needed, but you can ask if you’d like to bring something like a favourite armchair or a mini fridge. 

As for pets – this will depend on the aged care home you choose, so be sure to ask early in the process if bringing your four-legged friend is going to be vital. At Aurrum Aged Care homes we offer pet therapy as part of our varied lifestyle programs, so you could get to know a sweet dog or two if you’d like to.


Other helpful things to consider    

If possible, it can be really helpful to set up a new resident’s room before the day of moving to provide a sense of familiarity. It’s also important to notify close friends and family about the upcoming move and to talk about this exciting change. Here at Aurrum we do everything we can to support an enjoyable transition into aged care, including creating a fully personalised care plan with each resident and their loved ones.


Wondering if aged care is for you? 

If you’re just getting started on finding aged care support, we’d love to help you discover what extraordinary, modern aged care actually entails. You can call us to arrange a tour at any of our aged care locations throughout NSW or Victoria, and we’d be delighted to answer your questions at any time on 1800 287 786.